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Litter Spinner FAQ's

Q: What type of litter can I use with the Litter Spinner?
A: Both clumping and non-clumping litter works in the Litter Spinner, however clumping litter works best. The non-clumping litter will need to be completely replaced frequently, as it would in a traditional litter box. You will need to stay away from extra large litter since it won’t sift well.

Q: Is assembly required? A: YES. Simply insert 8 screws and hand tighten. Phillips Screw driver is required (no power tools please)

Q: What size cat can fit in the Litter Spinner? A. Cats up to 15-20 lb range are using the Litter Spinner

Q: Will the Litter Spinner move when my cat enters or exits? A: No. Specially designed grooves keep the drum in the correct position with the drawer in the 3 O'clock position.

Q: Can I spin the Litter Spinner either way?
A: No. Litter Spinner will only work if it is turned in the counter clockwise direction. The arrow on the drum indicates the direction.

Q: How much litter do I use?
A: Maintain around 2-3/4” (approximately 2 gallons) of litter for optimum efficiency. Use the "Litter Level Line" inside the drum for easy reference. Periodically adding small amounts of litter is best.

Q: How many cats can use the Litter Spinner? A: The Litter Spinner will work with 1 or 2 cats, however some cats prefer not to share their Litter Spinner.

Q: How often should I spin the Litter Spinner? A: We recommend spinning the Litter Spinner once per day per cat.

Q: I want to clean the inside of the Litter Spinner. How do I remove the litter?
A: Litter can be removed by using the drain hole in the back. Remove the plug and empty the litter. Wash the inside with soapy water, and dry thoroughly before replacing the plug and refilling with fresh litter.

Q: My cat tracks litter out of the Litter Spinner. How can I address this?
A: Place a small mat or piece of carpet in front of the Litter Spinner to help contain the litter in the Litter Spinner area. The mat can be shaken into a waste container when needed.

Q: Sometimes litter falls out when I pull out the sifting drawer. What can I do about this?
A: When the litter is sifted, loose litter can occasionally remain on top of the clumps and fall off when the drawer is removed. Before pulling the drawer out, firmly tap it a couple of times. This generally solves the issue. Also make sure to see the "How it Works" tab for more tips.

Q: Sometimes clumped litter sticks to the inside of the Litter Spinner. How can I remedy this?
A: Use the "Clump Stick" provided to loosen any clumps, then spin. If the litter level gets too low, clumps will begin to stick. Maintain at least 2-3/4”of litter inside the Litter Spinner. Spraying the inside of the drum with cooking spray or food grade silicone also works well. If you choose this option, spray only where the litter will be and let it air out 10 minutes before adding litter.

Q: Is the Litter Spinner safe for kittens? A: Yes. Very small kittens may need a step (a couple books works well) to help them get into the litter area.

Q: Does the Litter Spinner require batteries or a power source? A: No. One easy turn by hand does the trick.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Litter Spinner? A. The Litter Spinner measures 18" Wide. 20" high and 14 1/4 " Deep.